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GDM (Desportivo de Manica) is in the CBD of the Manica Town.

Manica is the capitol of the Manica District.

Manica District is in the Manica Province, of which Chimoio is the capitol city.

Manica Province is in the central area of Mozambique, of which the capitol is Maputo.


Manica is over 1000km from Maputo, a 14 hour drive/

Manica is very close (20 minutes) from Mutare, a town on the Zimbabwe border.

Manica is 1200 km from Johannesburg, driving through Zimbabwe. The drive takes 14 hours, depending on Beitbridge traffic.

Manica has over 40000 inhabitants, but still feels like a small town.

-Where in the World is Manica?

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Below a google map image of the bigger town:

town centre with important landmarks

GPS: If you can get here, we will give you an ice cold local beer called (you’ve guessed it!): Manica!

Latitude: 18°56’9.20″S

Longitude: 32°52’22.43″E