A Team

The Desportivo Equipe A is a tale of two ends.

On the one hand, there is the pride of Manica, the local heroes, the best footballers in the province. They provide entertainment, pride and hope.

On the other hand there is a group of role-models who change lives. These heroes are father figures and friends for a new generation; they are change agents that makes GDM a social force for good.

Team in front of Barclays

The A Team in front of local Barclays bank

More than a player, more than football: this is real life

The A Team plays in the Manica Provincial League. Considering Mozambique has no Secon Division, it means that they compete in the second tier of Mozambican football. Promotion into Mocimbola (the top tier) is very difficult and would imply a 100% professional outfit with financial investment of $60 000 per annum. Something out of GDM’s current financial scope (or dreams).