Futeco Park

A local expression to bring together FUTebol and ECOlogia, Football and Ecology led to the creation of FutEcoPark.

After decades of war and extreme poverty there is simply no place where children can learn and play. Futeco Park is born out of a very real need. GDM did not start with a place and then tried to introduce programmes; no, what GDM has been doing in bull-rings, under trees, in open parks or informal spaces will one day happen in a decent facility. The space of Futeco Park will be environmentally and Economically sustainable and byfar, the hardest work and difficult challenges lies behind us.

Ten hectares of land have been secured, a road opened, water borehole drilled, water tank tower build, one field opened up,  300 trees planted and construction of central Football for Hope Centre has started.

Next Steps:

– fence/wall

– level the A field

– build accommodation units

– build basketball court

– plant a further 1000 fruit trees

– level a FT (Forest Track) Athletics track with trees in middle

– Solar water pump

Below are pictures of the miracilous progress to date… a luta continua:

Very first day after bulldozer cleared away some grass

Drilling 45m deep to get to water- clean and healthy

Vumba mountain in background

after thousands of hours, the grass is starting to look good

a work in progress

mapping our little roads and trees planted

mapping our little roads and trees planted

Prisca showing off the fruits

Prisca showing off the fruits





overall vision

overall vision