Arsenal in the Community

GDM and Arsenal and the Community has been in partnership since 2009. Besides material assistance the highlight is the anual GAP coaches that visit Manica for three months at a time.

One of many highlight have been the visit by John Olaleye. Other highlights include, Schalk’s visit to the Emirates, Alan Sefton’s support, Will and Alec’s groundbreaking relationship brokering, and all the Gappers: Adam, Drew, Mego, Will, Phil and Nathan.

It should be mentioned that Arsenal in the Community is friends of Manica and GDM. Notwithstanding, having a brand and organisation as famous as Arsenal caring about the youth in Manica, inspires the youths and gives pride to the town and country. THe look on a young kid’s face when he puts on a brand new Arsenal jersey is priceless.

Here are a few pictorial highlights:

[img src="" alt=""]Schalk at Emirates
[img src="" alt=""]Strong Foundations
[img src="" alt=""]Will, Schalk and Alec
[img src="" alt=""]Adebayor wrote us!
[img src="" alt=""]Pro Vice Chancellor of University of Johannesburg with Alan Sefton
[img src="" alt=""]Phil, Nathan, Zambo, John in front of Futeco
[img src="" alt=""]Certificates!
[img src="" alt=""]Phil
[img src="" alt=""]GAP Reunion
[img src="" alt=""]Gap Gooners
[img src="" alt=""]Arsenal Mondays
[img src="" alt=""]SONY DSC
[img src="" alt=""]John's Visit, Arsenal in the Community
[img src="" alt=""]wigo
[img src=" in chimoio.jpg" alt=""]walec in chimoio
[img src="" alt=""]the-youthful-chase
[img src="" alt=""]img_1109
[img src="" alt=""]img_1021
[img src="" alt=""]SONY DSC
[img src="" alt=""]SONY DSC
[img src="" alt=""]SONY DSC
[img src="" alt=""]SONY DSC