Its funny how hope and history walks hand in hand. Our special moments in the past with special people form the foundation for expectations of better things in future. People and events that surprised us in the past, triggers the expectation of a better tomorrow- which for me means hope. Someone giving me a hand, makes it possible for me to have hope; someone holding my hand makes it possible to have hope.
GDM can now release the BIG news that we were chosen as one of 20 Football for Hope (FFH) Centre Hosts! One of twenty, chosen across our football crazy continent, one of 20 communities, in our poverty stricken continent! So besides feeling special and encouraged, we are excited because we have a chance to take things in Manica to the next level, to make a greater impact.
As I ponder on the significance, odds, honour, miraculousness of GDM being chosen, my mind jumps back with random thoughts of those without whom GDM would never have been in this position! Gerhard, Chris and Gilli who was part of my personal involvement, Tanya, making the RAU/UJ link, Tom and Lollie with all their Colorado connections, Neels sending me to Colorado, Suzi, Jean, Julie, Manny from Laureus, Mike who told me about the FFH Centres, A3M with the life-skills help, Roelf paying my salary, Walec, Alan and Sami at Arsenal, Jacques, Gerrit, Walter, Ox, Bob and Linda, Andy, Pannos, Katrin, Corina, and naturally also everyone in Manica… I now left out so many names, the idea here is not to make a complete list, but just to show how many individual contributions make up a big awesome picture. We are all writing the history! So, as we celebrate, I don’t just celebrate being chosen, I celebrate all of you, who made this happen! I can add Martha, Rebecca, Faheem, JR, Megan, Johnsons, my parents, my family, Toko, Saks, Doc, Wenke, Dirk, John, Brent, Sanpat, Niamh, Melissa, Henk, etc, etc, etc, I think you get the idea!

If you are one of these, or one of those not mentioned, please comment!

Estamos Junto